Center on Business and Poverty

​​An Initiative of the Puelicher Center for Banking Education

About Us​

The goal of the Center on Business

and Poverty, an initiative of the

Wisconsin School of Business, is to

support and disseminate high-quality

research and to create innovative

ways businesses and other employers

can help globally improve the long-

term economic stability and well-being of low-income employees and community members. The Center also monitors and evaluates the efforts of businesses and employers to address issues around:

  1. Compensation, benefits and tax preparation assistance for employees

  2. Employee ownership and impact investing 

  3. Financial and investor education

​Of these priorities, the Center focuses most on finding and replicating best practices from various countries that have employee ownership.  We are looking to transfer good corporate practices around sustainable employee ownership and government policies which build employee ownership in ways that are fair and growth-oriented.